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Mission of WRA
By listing civilian world records, inspire human being to unceasingly challenge themselves and promote the advancement of human society, and pursue an ideal world of the harmony among the heaven, the earth and human.

Goal of WRA
Everyone can challenge world records;
Everyone can enjoy world records.

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We will adhere to the highest moral and professional standards in all of the activities conducted by the organization, and be responsible for our mission and the public during the process.
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  • Breaking up the most balloons in 15 seconds in the world —— The activity of breaking up 10,000 pieces of balloons in 15 seconds by Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd
  • The novel that has the most words used only once in the world
  • The person who skips rope on a unicycle for the most times in one minute in the world
  • The Central Bank Governor who carried out highest number of Inclusive and Pro-poor Programs in his spare time in the world
Hot Records

The person who won the most consecutive times of the Best Decorated Car Prize in the world---- K Viswanathan  Mr. K Viswanathan from New Delhi, India won consecutive eight times of the Best...

Nguyen Thi Tru was born on May 4th ,1893 in Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam.  She applied for world record---the world’s longest living woman on April 12th of 2015 through  World Record Associat...

The world’s smallest gold code lock —— The mini code lock made by Ganesh Subramaniyam From September, 2011 to December, 2011, Mr. Ganesh Subramaniyam from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India, ma...

The Most Paper-cut Design of Snowflake in the World Yuejin Wang ( California, US ) created a total of 3,180 paper-cut snowflakes from July, 2010 to February, 2013. He was granted by the World ...

The longest needle pricked book in the world ——《Needle Book with 2 Lakhs Holes》 From November 2010 to January 2011, Mr. Piyush Kumar Goel from Dadri U.P, India used a needle to prick out the ...

The world’s smallest wood working tools ——The wood working tools made by Umesh Jangid From January 2013 to February 2013 , Mr. Umesh Jangid from Shahpura Jaipur , India made a set of wood wor...