A Brief Introduction to the Association
World Record Association (abbreviated as WRA) was established through approval from the Hong Kong Government and was formally registered in 2010 (registration number: 51007998-003-08-10-7), which was a commercial record organization to list non-sports civilian world records. WRA lists global civilian world records and collects the achievements in civilian global records. WRA is making efforts to become the most professional listing organization of world record in the world!

World Record Association provides quality record service for the whole world

For example: the successful application of the project at the opening ceremony of the top world event Shanghai World Expo; the successful application of the projects by P & G, for one of the world’s Top 500 and Tencent, for Dutch firm Philips, for a world top IT company; more and more world record fans including ordinary citizens, workers, peasants and students. Everyone can participate and everyone can challenge!

WRA is making efforts to become the most professional listing organization of world records in the world!

Mission of WRA

By listing civilian world records, inspire human being to unceasingly challenge themselves and promote the advancement of human society, and pursue an ideal world of the harmony among the heaven, the earth and human.

Goal of WRA

Everyone can challenge world records;

Everyone can enjoy world records.

Value of WRA

Ready to challenge, willing to share!

Guide of conduct

We will adhere to the highest moral and professional standards in all of the activities conducted by the organization, and be responsible for our mission and the public during the process.